How To Use Carpet Cleaner To Clean Carpets

Carpets are going to get dirty and there is nothing you can do about it. The longer you have a carpet, the more dirt that can get into it. From dirt from shoes, dirt from pets, or stains from food that has fallen, carpets can start to look pretty bad after a few years. More details feel free to visit at:

Some people will use the opportunity to hire someone to clean their carpets but this can be quite expensive. It is better that you do it yourself. Cleaning carpets is easy, affordable and not that much work when you know how to properly steam clean a carpet.

So, how do you do it? Here are some easy steps to making your carpet look like new again.

  1. The first thing you need to do is prepare the carpet to be steam cleaned. You do this by removing anything that is on the carpet including various toys, items, furniture and more. Next, you want to dust the baseboards, vacuum everywhere and make sure everything is nice and clean.
  2. The next thing you have to do is to actually treat the stains before you begin steam cleaning the carpet. The steam cleaner can remove grime but it will have trouble with the stains if you don’t treat them first. There are many ways to remove carpet stains and you should choose the way that fits best with the type of stain. For example:
    1. Liquid stains: Never rub these stains in. Blot with clean white cloths so you don’t transfer dyes from the cloths to the carpet.
    2. Pet vomit stains: Scrap with a spoon and then dab with a wet white cloth.
    3. Make sure when you are ready to steam that you pick a time when the carpet can dry quickly. It is not a good idea to steam clean when it is humid outside as it will take too long to dry.
    4. Use only a small amount of the cleaning solution when you are about to begin.
    5. Now we are ready to steam clean. Fill the steam cleaner’s water container with hot water.
    6. Add in the cleaning solution.
    7. Begin cleaning the area of the room that is furthest from the doorway and begin to move backwards so you don’t walk on the cleaned carpet.
    8. Go over the carpet several times while you are steam cleaning. This will allow the steam cleaning agent to get into the carpet as much as possible, to help remove the grime that is in the carpet.
    9. One step people forget is that once you are done steam cleaning the carpet, you need to go over it all again. Yes, you need to do this because the cleaning solution will attract soil particles from the carpet but if it stays in the carpet, it will attract dirt into the carpet after the steam cleaning is done. As a result, you want to rinse completely with plain water.
    10. Turn the AC on, turn on the fans and turn on the dehumidifier. This will all help the carpet dry faster.

Once done, you will see that your carpet is much nicer, and even smells great. Of course, if you have children and pets, it won’t be long before you are once again steam cleaning the carpet to give the home that brand-new look.

The best thing to remember with steam cleaning carpets is to do it at least once per year. That will prevent any stains from setting in, and will make cleaning your carpet much easier.