Safe Go Kart racing for Dummies

Are you the kind of person that didn’t do much fun in life and tried so hard to live on the “safe-side-of-the-road” as much as possible? Or are you one of those “control freaks” that didn’t even try riding a pony in a carousel ride? Well if that’s you maybe it’s time to tickle the adrenaline out from your body, start feeling the quick rush of your blood and awaken your sleeping senses because no matter how “stiff” you might be, something inside of you wants to break free and embrace the spirit of adventure.
Let me introduce to you a sport that is not too dangerous but also not too boring, something that we all could enjoy, say hello to the world of Go Kart Racing! I understand that this is a big jump-start for you and you are just a beginner so let me introduce to you what Gokart Racing is.


Go kart racing is part of the family of open-wheel motorsport with small, open, four wheeled vehicles called Karts. The karts vary from a wide array of designs, depending on the taste of the architects and the theme of the race. The karts usually raced on a scale-down circuit or most commonly known as a race track, there are several types of kart circuit but unlike the motorsport race track, Kart circuit is shorter in length and often consists of numerous turns. The track could be arranged strategically indoors or openly outdoors.


They say that

kids gokart racing is commonly perceived as the stepping stone to the higher ranks of motorsports, that means we could start experiencing the thrill we only see in a dramatic car chase of an action film in our very own fun way. There are two ways to enjoy these cute yet speedy little karts, first you might want it as recreational, the type where you can just rent the unit, pay per hour and drive like you own the city or Second you might want to play it as a professional, the die-hard championship competition kind of race. Well there is no reason to hurry, as beginners let’s choose the first option.

Here are some good tips you might find handy in driving your first Go Kart.

1. Always wear proper outfit:
No loose shirts, no sandals, no high heels, don’t wear something too revealing ( you will know why once you are there). Wear a jumpsuit if the management provides, knee pads, arm pads, close shoes and of course helmet.

2. Heed to kart Circuit Instructions:
There are many instructions on the race track. The person in charge will surely brief you or make you watch a video before the drive, make sure you listen attentively. Take note of the driving signs, checkered or colored flags, lights signals or hand signals from the circuit staff, these signs has different meanings and so you will know how to react every time you see a specific signal.

3. Don’t Drink and Drive:
Even though you will just race for recreation but dingking plus driving is still a big NO. remember that you are still steering a machine with an engine. If your group has been drinking and a member left for the track, notify the staff in charge to prevent any impending accidents.

So what are you waiting for? This doesn’t just sound fun, it really is fun yet very safe. Visit the nearest Go kart Race circuit and start steering that wheel.