E- voting machines to the State of Government

As reported in the UK by rouge Tech news site The Register Electronic Voting & Security company Diebold has refused to open up the source code for it’s e-voting machines to the State Government of North Carolina as required in state legislation.
This more or less means that it has to withdraw it’s products from the state unless it wishes to violate State law.
The fishy thing about this Amazing Machines is basically State officials merely wanted to check Diebold’s source code (the code which makes up software which the e-voting machine uses) to see if it was responsible for it’s election cock up in 2004.
It had argued for an exemption in the State courts but failed. Now they did argue that they did not have permission from Microsoft (on whose operating system Diebold’s e-voting software runs on) to show it’s source code and this is quite plausible.
However vicious and dasterly Microsoft is however, one would doubt that there is a specific clause in Diebold’s agreement with Microsoft where in return for letting Diebold use Microsoft Windows (embedded, 2000, or whatever) Diebold have to refuse to show Microsoft source code to anyone be they civilian or government eyes.
In fact it would have been better to let North Carolina State officials inspect the source code and if it got a clean bill of health, well better publicity then.
By doing this Diebold have left us with only one other possibility: that Diebold’s e-voting software machine is critically flawed and in order to save their financial skin in the electoral market have decided to keep it a secret. It is going to be their loss when it belatedly comes out in the future.
Just goes to show that the simple “tick the box with a pencil” method will always be the best one.

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