Archery is an ancient art of war that is used to kill an enemy , Archery bow and arrow experts defend oneself or hunt a worthy game. Archaeologist has excavated remains of archery materials that proved its existence to be 50,000 years old. Since the beginning of time, our primitive ancestors learned to use wood or branches and cut them into a “D” shape partnered with a straight stick with a sharp end as a tool.
Archery is also one of the most used weapon in the biblical times. This tool has been mentioned in the scriptures multiple times beginning with Ishmael, Abraham’s son.
As years became decades and decades became centuries, this weapon was adapted and innovated by the people from the far east. They no longer use wood but animal bones and tendons glued together making it a very accurate and powerful weapon.

This weapon was copied by the people in England and they tutored themselves how to master the weapon. They don’t use this tool for entertainment but as a requirement to pursue a military obligation. This practice lasted for 550 years and so it made England one of the most powerful country with first class military powers.
Archery started to drift from the limelight of war because of the invention of gunpowder. The last mentioned archery warfare was written in a pamphlet published in 1664. With this weapon being outdated for war, people started to redirect this tool from bloodshed to fun and games.

Archery became an official sport in England by 1673. The Archery’s road to Olympics was not easy. This sport was not yet included in the games until the second Olympics, it was 1900. For three consecutive years after 1900 archery was a part of the prestige sport competition but later been dropped for 50 years until its comeback in 1972, since then Archery is one of the most anticipated part of Olympics up to the present.
Olympics was only partakes by men athletes and no woman can join in but in 1904, with limited access, the door was open to female sport enthusiast, the sport they could primarily join is only Archery, and so bow and arrow became very famous among women.

Even though Archery has come a very long way now, the Olympic compound bow (that looks so high-tech and complicated) is actually based on the original primitive design 3500 years ago. Materials and fashion may slightly to overwhelmingly differ but the purpose of the archer with his bow and arrow today is just the same purpose of the archer thousands of years ago.
Archery is not a lost art, it is a reminder how creative human minds can be. We never lost our survival instinct, primitive archers may not have invented or discovered language yet, they were not able to decipher codes or they were not as smart as we are now, but without their passion to hunt and their ability to innovate with whatever the surroundings require them , we the highly civilized “primates” wont have a chance to survive.
Learn from the Archers, it will teach you lessons of survival and innovation.